ANROWS Evidence Portal

Find evidence-informed strategies to address and end violence against women.

Intervention Finder & Reviews

Use this tool to find and filter interventions and learn about their components and effectiveness.

Evidence and Gap Maps

Use the maps to view visual representations of existing evidence (and gaps) and filter by specific interventions and outcome types.

What is the Evidence Portal?

Welcome to the ANROWS Evidence Portal – a living resource of interventions from high-income countries that aim to address and end violence against women.

The Evidence Portal can be thought of as both a curated database – containing only references to impact evaluations of interventions to end violence against women – and a specialised search engine, which allows you to search for information using filters and tools designed for the violence against women sector.

You can explore our Evidence and Gap Maps and Geographic Evidence Maps to get a visual overview of the available evidence and gaps in the knowledge base. Use the Intervention Finder to search for details on a  particular intervention, including its impact, and its applicability to different population groups.

The Evidence Portal is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly. For updates, subscribe to our newsletter.


Frequently asked questions about the Evidence Portal, including what kind of information it provides, its methods and key terms and concepts.

What is the Evidence Portal and how can I use it?

Find out more about the Evidence Portal, including its benefits and the best ways to use it effectively.

Methodology report

Read the in-depth methodology report, which covers the concepts of evidence portals in general, the scope of the ANROWS Evidence Portal and a detailed account of the systematic search and screening protocols.